Best of 2013 | Arindam Thokder

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A treat for street photogs

Originally posted on That's Life Visual Diary:

As the Members of That’s’ life are also joining the “Best of 2013″ bandwagon and the team members are going to share their 5 Best Indian Street Pictures from 2013, I decided to go first. It’s difficult choosing 5 best as I like all my pictures that I have uploaded.  So I just choose the 5 in no particular order, some of them have given me more accolades than others but most importantly these are more closure to my heart.


Three Eyes- It was rather an easy one being two of the eyes – the center one in the picture of the Auto and the other from the picture of the man in the background were static. I was waiting for the Third one on the right that will bring the balance and drama in the picture. Also it was important that only one Eye should be visible. Like many…

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