Lens choice for the Micro 4/3 street shooter

Well… some of the options :

1) Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4

2) Panasonic 20mm F1.7

3) Sigma 19mm F2.8

4) Olympus 17mm F1.8

Let us know which one do you like and why…..

will put up some recomendations soon

Canon Powershot – G1X – So near , yet to far

It is quite sometime now that I was looking for a camera that will become my constant companion for street photography. Of the few cameras on the list, once was surely the Canon Powershot-G1X. With its large (almost APSC) sized sensor and canon pedigree, we were hoping for a cracker of a camera.

Now that various sites have written about the camera and the product, I have that sinking feeling of being let down.

 Some of the key attributes :

  • Good detail and resolution at low sensitivities (good)
  • Excellent high ISO performance, very clean output and good detail (good)
  • User interface is intuitive, customisable and with good number of external controls (good)
  • Very slow continuous shooting (not good)
  • Slow AF(not good at all, esp for street photography)
  • Limited close focusing capabilities (average)
  • Built-in zoom lens is relatively slow at the tele-end (not good)
  • Virtually silent shooting (good)
  • Built-in 3-stop ND filter (good)
  • Battery life – Not great (not good)
  • Auto ISO only goes up to ISO 1600 (not good)
  • Not possible to fit filters and a lens hood at the same time (not good)
  • Excellent build quality (good)
  • Articulated screen (good)
  • Impressive image stabilization system (Good)
  • Good-quality built-in lens (good)
  • Optical viewfinder is not great (average)
  • Efficient CA and distortion correction with only minimal loss of quality at the edges of the frame (good)
  • Good bundled raw converter (good)


Caveat : I have not personally tested the camera. This is based on inputs and comments on various forums



Olympus OM-D E-M5

Well, most of you must be thinking… Not one more micro 4/3 camera in the already congested space. Well, I also thought so when the read the burb about the product launch. I must admit, I belong to a genre of photogs who feel they have been there and seen it all. To top it, I use a cam with a APSC aensor. Would I want to move down the value chain to a further smaller sensor ? Nyet !!!!

Then I was talking to a friend. A man who is an expert on cameras, if there was one. He had laid his hands on a pre-production model of the camera. Combining the camera with a prime lens of his choice, he produced results (SOOC JPEGS) which were just mindblowing. The crisp colours and the sharpness of the pictures blew him away. Mind it, this was a gentleman, who owns both a Canon EOS 60 D and a Nikon D 7000.  He now plans to jettison his APSC sensor cameras and plans to but the OM-D and a couple of primes. He also mentioned that the 5 axis image stabilisation is nothing like he has seen till date. He was happily shooting at 1/16 and 1/8 of a second without any perceptable shake.

Just imagine what such a camera with a fast lens can do for you.

Since I needed to validate what I heard from one source, I decided to keep a watch on what the major websites had to say. And soon enough, DPreview  posted a few pictures from the camera. I looked at the comparative pictures against some of the sharpest cameras known to man – Full Frame and APSC sensor. Well, this sensor was as good or better than most of the big names.

I know there will be some knitted brows after reading this. Hence, I am attaching below the link to the comparatives. See for yourself.


I know it is counter-intuitive to believe a micro 4/3 will challenge sensors double its size

Watch this space. We will be back with more information.