Where is camera technology headed :

 Every year, we see a slew of new launches. Every manufacturer comes up with something new. Smarter, faster, more pixels, mirrorless, better IR/VR, better ISO performance, better optics etc.

 In this quest for a higher, faster, better, we are slowly headed towards cameras, which are more and more difficult to use. 25 years back, most cameras worked the same way – you had a flim crank and rewind, a knob to adjust shutter on the body of the cam and an aperture ring on the body of the lens. You could use the cm straight out of the box. Just pop in a roll of film, set the ISO and you are ready to go. With today’s cams – fat chance !!

 A lot of us today would probably want cameras which does the basic stuff very well (and the rest be dammned). While some manufacturers are working in that direction, most are still trying to sell features we rarely use. I ,probably, would look forward to cameras that have bigger sensors (could FX be the standard in the days to come ?!?!), compact bodies, good high ISO performance, good image stabilization and good fast optics to work quickly , has key controls on the body itself.

 For me, what should a camera have ?

Full Frame sensor, IS/VR build around the sensor, Compact body, sharp & fast primes, good iso performance, good dynamic range of sensor, key controls on the body

 It may be pointed out that most of these are currently available. Yes, we have made good progress on each of these technologies, but we are yet to see most of them in one place. 

 Maybe they will come in one place very soon.

 Or am I daydreaming ?

3 thoughts on “Where is camera technology headed :

  1. I think you are quite right, I just bought a Fuji X20 as a carry everywhere camera, but I probably do not use 95% of its facilities.
    I often wonder how much sharper camera can get as in viewing phots you are limited to the quality of the computer screen, printing ability and the human eye.

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