Destroying our heritage

I was visiting Kolkata, my hometown during this week. Saturday morning, I decided to go out and shoot on the banks of river Ganges. As one might be aware, Ganges is the most revered river in India. Its supports trade and commerce, provides irrigation and drinking water to large populations in India. Most early settlements in north India were on the banks of this river.

On a saturday morning , I landed up at Outram Ghat, to soak up the banks of the river early in the morning, as well as shoot on my project – Faith. The filth and dirt on the river left me horrified. People have immersed their idols, public and private.. and the ugly remains floated on the banks… People were coming to drop the remamants of pujas, as is the old custom and continue to further pollute the river.

This is surprising indeed. In a lot many cities in India, such immersion of idols and remnants of puja are done in controlled conditions to prevent degradation of key water bodies  of the cities. Wonder what stops the authorities from doing so….


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