I am back…………..

Well Folks, I am back…… from a well deserved holiday…. Went to the Far East . . . Hongkong and Macau…….

Pictures and blogs will follow soon


4 thoughts on “I am back…………..

  1. Hi Indranil, how was Hong Kong and Macau. I am going there end May so was wondering if there is anything specific you would recommend to do there. Also do you know if film is easily available in HK?

    Looking forward to seeing what you shot on the streets of HK!


    • Hi Kaushal,

      Hongkong/Macau was good. I had gone with my family, so not too many opportunities for street photography. I will call you sometime during the week, say on 1st may and will share my thoughts. I did not look for films there, but there are camera shops in Tsim Tsa Tsui area , which is downtown. Films will be available there. There is a guy called SMZ in MWS. He gets it from HK. If you know him , you can ask him. If not, i can check and revert.



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