Canon Powershot – G1X – So near , yet to far

It is quite sometime now that I was looking for a camera that will become my constant companion for street photography. Of the few cameras on the list, once was surely the Canon Powershot-G1X. With its large (almost APSC) sized sensor and canon pedigree, we were hoping for a cracker of a camera.

Now that various sites have written about the camera and the product, I have that sinking feeling of being let down.

 Some of the key attributes :

  • Good detail and resolution at low sensitivities (good)
  • Excellent high ISO performance, very clean output and good detail (good)
  • User interface is intuitive, customisable and with good number of external controls (good)
  • Very slow continuous shooting (not good)
  • Slow AF(not good at all, esp for street photography)
  • Limited close focusing capabilities (average)
  • Built-in zoom lens is relatively slow at the tele-end (not good)
  • Virtually silent shooting (good)
  • Built-in 3-stop ND filter (good)
  • Battery life – Not great (not good)
  • Auto ISO only goes up to ISO 1600 (not good)
  • Not possible to fit filters and a lens hood at the same time (not good)
  • Excellent build quality (good)
  • Articulated screen (good)
  • Impressive image stabilization system (Good)
  • Good-quality built-in lens (good)
  • Optical viewfinder is not great (average)
  • Efficient CA and distortion correction with only minimal loss of quality at the edges of the frame (good)
  • Good bundled raw converter (good)


Caveat : I have not personally tested the camera. This is based on inputs and comments on various forums



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