Are Camera companies listening to the photographers ?

Dear Camera Manufacturers/Marketeers,

With the advent of the new technologies, a lot of serious photographers prefer a camera that do not have too much gimmick, but has a good sensor, good optics, easy to use layout.

We want a camera that is easy and intuitive to use, has high quality optics, has a lens that is fast, has a decent response time, has a decent size sensor – APSC or FX.

Is that such a difficult proposition ? If I look around, only Fuji has cameras that fit the bill. But the cameras are overpriced as hell (X100 or X Pro1). Amongst other manufacturers, only Sony has similar products (NEX series) but is let down by the lack of  options in lenses.

People may ask – What about all the recent offerings by Lumix, Pentax, Olympus etc. ? For starters, they are 4/3 sensors, which are not much larger than the p/s cameras in the markets. Some do have decent optics, some not. But I am not surre I would want to settle for smaller sensors that APSC to start with.  APSC itself is a compromise. Anything smaller ? Nyet nyet.

Is the segment for real and sizeable ? Sale of Fuji X 100 is proof enough.


So, are the manufactureres listening to their customers yet or they think they know what we want and continue to give us what we dont want ?

One thought on “Are Camera companies listening to the photographers ?

  1. on the contrary, i dont think fuji’s cameras are overpriced at all, since they simply do not have the economies of scale that are enjoyed by mainstreamers like nikon or diversified companies like panasonic/olympus or the megalithic canon. would you call a zeiss lens ‘overpriced’ or a leica for that matter? low-yield and handmade tend to raise costs.

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