Apple iPhone 4s Camera Review

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Photofocus (old site)

Shot with iPhone 4s – right out of the camera. Imported into Aperture, converted to black and white, minor edge sharpening added. Copyright Scott Bourne, 2012 – All Rights Reserved.

I just finally got an Apple iPhone 4s. The camera included with this phone simply blows me away. I now see why under $200 point and shoot sales are dropping like a rock. The pictures you can make with this phone meet or exceed the quality that you can get out of many of the sub $200 point and shoot cameras. In fact, with proper lighting and technique, this camera can perform up to the level of some of the $400 and $500 point and shoots.

Let’s start with the basics. The iPhone 4s camera is an eight megapixel affair with better dynamic range than the old iPhone camera. The lens is sharper, the camera lag time better, and the…

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