a real good read on gear…..


So normally I don’t write much for this blog. I like to keep it simple and sophisticated, at least in my head. But given that this is my photography blog, and given that my new camera arrives tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll then disappear into a camera-induced coma for the next few days, emerging only once I’ve worked my way through the 120 page manual (yeah, I’m that one person who reads THE WHOLE THING), I thought I’d share my decision-making process here now.

I like research. Really, I like learning. If I’m learning something… about anything… then I’m okay with the hard work. When I decided that my point-and-shoot had reached the limit of what I could do with it, I began the long process of researching what to get next.

The first questions is: what about a DSLR? Doesn’t everyone upgrade to DSLRs? Well, it’s true: DSLRs are the…

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