Camera for Street Photography…

I guess enough tomes have been written on Street Photography and its relevant gear.
As we are all aware, most of the greatest street photographs have been taken on Leica Film Rangefinders. But that was till the 60’s. The SLR’s and the DSLR’s  ruled the roost till 2011. DSLR was the king of the hill. A few rangefinder fans remained. Some used their Leicas. Others stuck to their trusty film cameras and rangefinders.

I have been personally struggling with the question – What gear to settle for doing street photography :

The DSLR with a prime was too much of an attention grabber. The Film SLR was a hassle, since I have gotten used to autofocus. Also, getting films developed has been a major challenge. Hence, did not have a camera that could satisfy me as a “The Tool” for street photography. Then, one day, I used the Fujifilm X-100 for sometime. This was a borrowed cam for me but I realised that this is what I was looking for. The closest I have come to “The Tool” for Street Photography.

Why ?

  • Good  build quality
  • Sraightforward traditional control layout (aperture ring, shutter speed,etc )
  • Silent operation
  • Superb image quality
  • High quality lens with  minimal distortion and chromatic aberration
  • Hybrid viewfinder works extremely well – large, bright and clear, with detailed exposure information in optical finder

 I am hooked……


 (Note : This is based on a personal usage experience. The writer has no link to Fujifilm or its associates, directly or indirectly)

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