Street Photography

Well, I had promised myself that I would learn something new every year. But towards the middle of the year, I found myself struggling with my photography. Quality of my pictures had done down drastically and there were hardly any ‘Keepers’. I became too lazy to shoot and even when I was shooting, the quality of my pictures were abysmal.

 Stuck in a rut, I went for the  Eric Kim workshop in Mumbai. Thankfully, the workshop did help me refocus on the genre and also helped me kickstart the process again. 

I have also decided to start on a process of “emotional detachment” with my pictures. Towards that end, I have decided not to look at my pictures for atleast one week from the date they were shot. Hopefully, this process will allow myself to have less emotional and more critical relationship with my images.

 Today morning, I went out and took pictures on the streets of South Mumbai. Were there any keepers this time. Too early to know. Since I have not yet seen the images. But, I have a feeling that I am slowly getting back into my groove. Hopefully, I will get better in the days to come.

 Whilst on the subject, what’s wrong with our heritage sites ?  I had gone to Banganga about a year back. This time around, there is very little water and the place has become more derelict and dirty. Why Mumbai cannot take care of its heritage sites. We find enough funds to keep Kasab alive and build new snazzy temples but fail to keep our heritage in good shape.

 Is anybody listening ?

Coming back to the main subject, the year has not been a complete waste. I did manage to learn the basics of  Adobe Lightroom and Silver Effex Pro. And we still have 35 days to go before the year ends.

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